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We support you in all questions concerning the implementation of the GDPR and other related data protection laws.

While it is the task of the Data Protection Officers to monitor and advise the company or management in the implementation of the data protection requirements, the Data Protection Officer will not make any individual decisions on the measure.

According to the law, the Data Protection Officers are not entitled to the concrete implementation of the GDPR project or the effective decision on data protection procedures. Therefore, we have developed the position of the external Data Protection Manager, who will supervise and monitor the implementation of the necessary data protection measures.

Companies based outside the EU, which specifically process data of EU citizens, must also appoint a representative within the EU in accordance with Article 27 GDPR.

However, effective and sustainable data protection advice does not stop where process recommendations have been developed. Both data protection and compliance in many other legally regulated areas require implementation in the IT landscape of your company. Of course, BHO Consulting GmbH also supports you and your employees in the technical implementation of the data protection regulations in your company.

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