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We support you in all questions concerning the implementation of the GDPR and other related data protection laws (e.g. advertising law, ePrivacy Regulation, health data protection). Consultation can be provided on request as support for individual questions as well as structural support for the implementation of the GDPR. Our activities as Data Protection Officers are (according to Art. 39 para. 1 GDPR) in particular

– Informing and advising the company and its employees on all data protection issues

– monitoring compliance with applicable data protection legislation and implementation strategies, including awareness raising and training of relevant staff

– advice in connection with a possible data protection impact assessment

– Cooperation with the data protection supervisory authority

– acting as a contact point for the supervisory authority in all data protection matters.

The activity as a Data Protection Officer thus covers in particular advice on all structural issues of data protection in the company, support in answering queries from data subjects and supervisory authorities and training in data protection. In addition to the appointment as DPO, we provide comprehensive advice on all individual questions relating to data protection and (supporting) the project of implementing the GDPR.

As Data Protection Officers, we are always available to employees as a contact partner when new data processing systems are introduced or new projects are planned. The early involvement ensures that the plans can be implemented without major effort and in compliance with data protection regulations. In addition, we are available to all affected parties (e.g. customers, suppliers, newsletter recipients) for questions regarding data protection and can ensure that the rights of affected parties to information, deletion or similar can be answered in a timely manner. At the beginning of each year, we prepare an annual report in which we present the activities of the previous year and the tasks of the coming year.

Auditing and data protection implementation

The following procedure is recommended when we start assisting  as a data protection advisor and/or when appointed as DPO:

In the first step of the data protection implementation, we will conduct an on-site audit and evaluate the status quo with the tasks at hand and provide it in an audit report. On the basis of the audit report, the measures to be implemented can be determined and implemented successively.

– Before the audit begins, we will provide a questionnaire to record the data processing processes in the company.

– The completed questionnaires serve to document the status quo and to determine the tasks to be performed.

– The second step is to present the results of the audit with a description of the need for action.

Why do you need a Data Protection Officer?

Data protection law has become the focus of public awareness. In particular, the GDPR has introduced and extended extensive documentation and reporting obligations which require precise knowledge of the processes in the company. We offer such knowledge of your company and the legal situation as a Data Protection Officer. In this way, you reduce the risk of being exposed to possible sanctions by supervisory authorities, consumer protection associations or competitors.

BHO Consulting GmbH provides you with comprehensive advice on all data protection issues and provides you with certified and qualified Data Protection Officers.

Benefit from our certified Data Protection Officers

– Efficient and data protection compliant realisation of your projects

– Reliable dealings with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

– Employees have one contact person for all data processing issues

– More structure and security through regular annual report

A “data protection organisation” in the context of company-wide compliance can already be regarded as indispensable today and will become more important in the future, as the focus in the public eye will continue to increase and companies will thus be particularly committed to it. However, the implementation of the measures remains crucial, which can only be ensured with the practical experience of the consultants.

Further consulting activities in our consulting environment:

– Data protection management

– Appointment as representative under Article 27 GDPR for companies outside the EU

– IT security consulting

In addition, legal advice on data protection issues can be ensured through cooperation with BHO Legal PartG mbB.

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