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Dr. Matthias Lachenmann (Data Protection Officer UDISzert) specialises in advising on technology and data protection law and has already completed his doctorate on “Data Transfer in Corporate Groups” under Prof. Dr. Jürgen Taeger. His advisory focus is on international corporate data protection, employee data protection and Industry 4.0. Due to his industry focus on digital business/marketing, manufacturing companies and fashion, he primarily advises on projects for the introduction of new technologies and on all issues of data protection law, in particular the GDPR. He advises international corporations, some of which are represented in Forbes lists, German and European SMEs/start-ups with a global focus and data-driven SMEs. He is appointed as data protection officer at several international companies and corporations.

Dr Lachenmann is a certified data protection officer (UDISzert) and has been admitted to the bar since 2011 He regularly lectures on data protection law, including as a lecturer in the training of data protection officers at UDIS gGmbH (with DSGVO seminars since April 2016 and currently with seminars on digital transformation, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 and international data transfers) and the training of specialist lawyers for IT and labour law at webinars of the publisher Dr Otto Schmidt. Furthermore, he is a member of the scientific advisory board of the Zeitschrift für Datenschutz (ZD). He publishes continuously on data protection, e.g. in the handbook “Arbeiten 4.0” on employee data protection, the TTDSG commentary by Gierschmann/Baumann on inventory data disclosure or the Münchener Prozessformularbuch Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz edited by Professor Mes. In particular, he is known nationwide as the editor of the “Forms Manual on Data Protection Law” published by C.H.Beck – in the 3rd edition.


  • Commentary in the new commentary ePrivacy-VO, Verlag C.H. Beck 2023 (planned) (original: Kommentierung im neuen Kommentar ePrivacy-VO, Verlag C.H. Beck 2023).
  • Chapter on data protection in Mes (ed.), Münchener Prozessformularbuch Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Urheber- und Presserecht, 6th ed. 2022 (planned) (original: Kapitel zum Datenschutz in Mes (Hrsg.), Münchener Prozessformularbuch Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz, Urheber- und Presserecht, 6. Aufl. 2022).
  • Commentary on Sections 22 – 24 TTDSG, in: Gierschmann/Baumgartner, TTDSG Commentary, Verlag C.H. Beck 2022 (planned) (original: Kommentierung der §§ 22 – 24 TTDSG, in: Gierschmann/Baumgartner, TTDSG Kommentar, Verlag C.H. Beck 2022).
  • The data protection adequacy decision with the Republic of Korea – A consideration of the EU Commission’s draft and the European Data Protection Board’s response, ZD-Aktuell 2022 (forthcoming; co-author: Dirk Reinartz) (original: Der datenschutzrechtliche Angemessenheitsbeschluss mit der Republik Korea – Eine Betrachtung des Entwurfes der EU-Kommission und der Antwort des europäischen Datenschutzausschusses, ZD-Aktuell 2022).
  • Form manual on data protection law, 3rd ed., C. H. Beck 2021 (with: Ansgar Koreng) (original Formhandbuch Datenschutzrecht, 3. , C.H. Beck 2021).
  • Data Processing in the Development of AI Systems in an AI Real Lab, DSB 2021, p. 261 (co-author: Dirk Reinartz) (original: Datenverarbeitung bei Entwicklung von KI-Systemen in einem KI-Reallabor, DSB 2021, p. 261).
  • EU Commission Proposal on the Regulation of AI – a Discussion in Full Swing, MMR-Aktuell 2021, 440578 (co-author: Johanna Meyer) (original: • Vorschlag der EU-Kommission zur Regulierung von KI – eine Diskussion in vollem Gange, MMR-Aktuell 2021, 440578).
  • International Data Transfers: The EU Commission’s Drafts for New Standard Contractual Clauses, ZD-Aktuell 2020, 07417 (original: Internationale Datentransfers: Die Entwürfe der EU-Kommission für neue Standardvertragsklauseln, ZD-Aktuell 2020, 07417).
  • Data Protection vs. Corona Virus – Recommendations for Companies on Protective Measures, DSB 2020, 84 (original: Datenschutz vs. Corona-Virus – Handlungsempfehlungen für Unternehmen bei Schutzmaßnahmen, DSB 2020, 84).


  • Speaker in seminars and webinars at UDIS Ulmer Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit gGmbH in the training of data protection officers and specialist lawyers for IT law.
  • Speaker in webinars on the GDPR at the publishing house Dr. Otto Schmidt.
  • Japanese data protection law in light of the GDPR, lecture (online) at the DSRI Autumn Academy, September 2020.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection Law, webinar series for Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt.
  • Data Protection Law and Corona, webinar series for Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt.
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